Kanuka Hire Tony’s Ices: Free Ice-Cream and SEO Site Audits

On 11th July 2018, our team of digital marketers put on their walking shoes and strolled around Stafford Technology Park giving out free ice-creams and SEO site audits. As expected we were welcomed by many eager faces looking to get their hands on their choice of Mr Whippy. But, why did we do it?

Why We Did It

With recently launching Kanuka Digital, sister agency to iWeb, it was important to practice what we preach and get the ball rolling with our new brand. Thinking outside the box, we decided that with this stunning weather and the World Cup getting spirits high, we’d add to the enjoyment. Free ice-creams from Stafford Tech Park’s favourite vehicle, Tony’s Ices.

Generate Brand Awareness

Like we’d hoped, it got businesses talking, tweeting us, visiting our site and spreading our name around their offices.

People got to see the friendly faces behind Kanuka and understand how we work, what we can do for them and more. So, with that in mind, below are just some of those key findings:

  1. We’re a little sister Digital Marketing agency to eCommerce Web Development Agency, iWeb.
  2. We offer a variety of services from Digital Marketing to Web Design and Development.
  3. We’re hosting a free half-day marketing event called Kanuka Live in September. You can sign up for the event here.
  4. We’re offering free SEO site audits throughout July 2018 – be quick before it ends!

Our Services

Being a new digital marketing agency in Staffordshire, we’re keen to shout about the array of talent in our offices and hence the many services you can receive from us. Our team is split into two areas, one focusing on digital marketing and its various tactics and the other, bespoke website development.

Digital Marketing

Website Services

Now you know a little more about who we are, it’s time to see how the event unfolded.

Event Reaction

It’s free ice-cream and it was scorching hot so of course, we had lots of bodies in line to grab their cold treat to cool down with. However, as our team includes marketing experts with many years of experience, this wasn’t a silly marketing stunt that it may have seemed to be.

The event was carefully planned out, giving us time to execute it successfully and make the most of the traction we gathered on the day. We gathered multiple leads which have led to blossoming partnerships.

That’s exactly how we tackle each marketing challenge our clients face. By thinking outside the box and using our expertise to ensure we’re creating relevant conversions from our efforts.

See the aftermath of the event in the form of tweets:

Free Icecream ? & SEO Site Audit ✔️