SEO Audits: are they important?

We recognise the importance of an SEO audit and the benefits that come with them for structuring an SEO strategy.

Importance of an SEO Audit - Digital Marketing Strategy - Kanuka Digital

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital cog in our search marketing activities. It allows us to focus on what matters when improving your search presence on search engines such as Google.

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What is an SEO Audit and why is it important?

SEO audits are important because they review your website, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your site from the following:

Once an audit is complete, we can use the identified actions as the starting point for the online strategy of your business.

All SEO agencies should carry out an in-depth review of your website before committing to conducting any changes to your site structure, on-site content or off-site activity.

What are the benefits of an SEO Audit?

What to expect from a Kanuka Digital SEO Audit?

We carry out a thorough review of your website in key areas including technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Technical SEO

This focuses on any technical issues with your website that could be hindering Google’s efforts to crawl and index the site efficiently or even at all.

By analysing data gathered from our toolkit, we can highlight a number of various issues that will need to be resolved. Some issues may be critical such as server errors and 404 errors. Others will be non-critical but will require addressing, such as meta titles being too long or short.

Crawl Issues Chart

One specific area we look at here is your XML sitemap to ensure pages are being indexed, identifying any crawl errors. This then allows us to resolve issues such as redirect chains and 404 errors.

Site Speed and Mobile Optimisation

One area we pay particular attention to is website speed and mobile optimisation. Google is in the process of enabling mobile first indexing on all websites. 

Now, however, more users are accessing websites by mobile devices than on desktop devices.

Extra Reading: Learn more about mobile-first indexing.

By reducing image file sizes, minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript we can improve page loading times on mobile networks like 3G and improve the experience for mobile users.

Site Speed Test on 3G Network - SEO Audit - Kanuka Digital

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is about optimising the visible content on pages on your website. These include two key areas, copy and imagery.

The on-page SEO information we provide in an audit contains information about keywords, such as ones you are currently ranking for, internal links in content between pages on your site and page headers you’re using.

As a result of carrying out in-depth keyword research, we can create content that can be found by users on search engines.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about SEO tasks that can be done elsewhere around the web to improve your online presence. An SEO strategy for your website should include off-site activities.

Tasks such as outreach whereby you contact other relevant websites to see how you can work together on guest blog posts, for instance. This ultimately builds a stronger backlink profile to your website.

Linking Domains & Inbound Links - SEO Audit - Kanuka Digital

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