Who’s Attending State of Digital Conference 2018?

Members of the Kanuka Digital team are off on yet another adventure. This time our Digital Account Manager, Chris and SEO Specialist, Lee are heading down to the State of Digital 2018 event in London on Monday 8th October.

State of Digital Conference 2018 | Kanuka Digital

What Is State of Digital?

London’s State of Digital event is an exciting one-day SEO and Digital Marketing conference where guest speaks talk about where we are and where we’re heading in the world of search and digital.

After a long journey down to London, we will be eagerly listening and learning everything we can.

State of Digital Conference Location

Variety is the “Spice of Life”

This year State of Digital promises to be an explosion of knowledge in varying areas of digital. Below are just a few of the highlights we are looking forward to:

Key Speakers

There will be many key speakers vying for our attention, in fact there are 15 at the time of writing this post. here are just a couple we’re looking forward to listening to.  

1. Jono Alderson, Yoast

Anyone who works in the SEO world will have heard of or used the SEO tool Yoast. So we will be paying close attention to Jonos talk, digital marketing in a post-digital world.

A couple of points that will be discussed here are:

  1. The widening gap between platforms and brands
  2. Becoming increasingly reliant on paid advertising

Apparently there are a few other main points up for discussion but those are being kept a secret until the session.

2. Dave Naylor, Bronco Ltd

Dave has been in the industry since time began, well at least it feels that way. He will share his experiences and ideas about the industry, SEO, Google and more. His talk is ‘How to Become an SEO Rockstar’.

Arianne will be giving a talk on how to ‘Save Your Sanity (And Your Job) With PPC Automation’. She’ll be providing an actionable session about how to start automating bid management, analysis and reporting.

To Conclude

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our posts on Twitter and Instagram as we’ll be sharing some special moments from the day.

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