How To Create Instagram Ads Using The Instagram App

If you’re reading this post, we hope that you already have your Instagram account set up and are now looking for help to create Instagram ads.

Create Instagram Ads Using Instagram App | Kanuka Digital

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the current climate. It sees 1 billion active accounts every month. That’s people logging in, liking posts, commenting on posts and hopefully, engaging with your content. It is imperative that you set up your business to reap the many benefits.

Although you can actually use Facebook for Business to share paid Instagram posts, probably the most common way to create Instagram ads is within the app itself. To do this, you must have an Instagram business account. To set up an Instagram Business Account you can follow the below steps:

Setting Up An Instagram Business Profile For Your Instagram Ads

Create Instagram Ads Using Instagram App | Kanuka Digital
If you navigate to one of your Instagram posts, you’ll see new options of “Insights” and “Promote” at the bottom of your image in blue buttons.

How To Promote Your Instagram Posts

To get started, visit your profile and select the post you’d like to promote using the “Promote” button.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to view the post’ stats first, navigate to your main “Instagram Insights” by using the top right icon on your profile page. Then looking at “Content” insights, scroll down to the “Promotions data” and click on the “Create Promotion” link.

Again, select the post you’d like to promote and tap the right arrow in the top right corner. Then, you must select where you’ll send people.

Choosing Where To Send People

The options you can choose from include “your profile”, “your website”, “your shop front” and finally, “your direct messages”. You’ll be faced with a screen that looks similar to the below:

The “your profile” option will ensure that once the users have clicked on your add “action button”, they’ll be directed straight to your profile.

If you click on the “your website” option, you’ll then be able to put in a unique URL to take your users to visit your online blog or store. It’s best to use a URL that has tracking implemented so you can really measure the success of your campaign.

You’ll also be able to select your action button from the options: learn more, shop now, watch more, contact us, book now and sign up.

By selecting this option you’ll then be given another three options, each that can qualify as your shop front. These include your Instagram profile, your business address or your phone number.

Finally, the last option is to send your audience to message you directly. This will mean that as they click on the action button a chat opens up where they can inquire about your advert/company, without having to even navigate through to your profile page.

Define Your Target Audience for Your Instagram Ads

Having selected your destination, it’s then onto defining your target audience. Simply click on “automatic” in the “audience” tab. You’ll then be faced with an automatic audience that Instagram creates for you. This will decide demographics like location, gender and age.

Good to Know: Instagram has an age limit of 13 meaning that’s the minimum age you can target. It then ranges up to 65+ where users then start to drop off due to limited popularity within the older population.

Alternatively, you can create your own where you can define a target audience by multiple locations, up to 10 interests, age and gender. Below shows the location options you can choose for your Instagram audience.

Having selected your location, you can choose your audience age range and gender. Take a look at the below:

Create Instagram Ads Using Instagram App | Kanuka Digital

Interests can include things like “tennis, organic food, cat lover” and more. Obviously, entering niche interests will ensure you target an audience that you believe is most likely to convert.

Yet, if you’re simply looking for more exposure, a more broad version of your audience might be better. For example, instead of setting the interest to “tennis” you can broaden it to “sport”.

You can then save this target audience and give it a name. It’ll then appear in your “select target audience” page as a “saved audience”. In this case, it’s the audience titled “test”.

Select Your Budget & Campaign Duration

Once you’ve selected your target audience you can set a budget for the campaign and decide how long it’ll run for. There are pre-planned settings that you can choose from or you can customise it so that you set a unique budget and duration.

Review, Preview & Confirm Your Promotion

You’ll then be required to review your promotion and enter your payment information.

You can also preview your advert to ensure it looks exactly how you imagined and all information is correct. This is a step that often gets missed though it’s crucial to ensure all of your details are correct for your instagram ads

You’ll also get an informative tip from Instagram estimating the expected success of your campaign.

Example: At the top of the “preview” page you’ll get a message similar to the following, “if you spend £10, we estimate 2,400 – 6,300 people will see your promotion.

If you’re happy with how your advert is looking. Hit “create promotion” and it’ll be submitted for review by the Instagram team. If accepted the advert will start to be shown. Ta-da! You can then analyse the insights of this promotion and see similar stats to those in the organic insights page.

By switching between “promotion” and “original” on the post insights page. You’ll be able to compare how the paid advert is performing compared to the organic post. This is particularly good to help you better optimise future campaigns.