5 Genuinely Useful Email Marketing Tools (Free & Paid)

With social media growing and so many new technologies and forms of communication born into our daily life, it’s hard for businesses to get wrapped up in the “latest and greatest”.

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But, as great as social media, smartphones and voice-activated devices are, you shouldn’t neglect other great inventions and forms of communication. Email is one of them.

In a recent eConsultancy email marketing census, they found that 74% of marketers said they believe email to still be one of the highest channels for delivering ROI in five years’ time.

So, here is our list of the top five genuinely useful email marketing tools including both free and paid platforms, for all business sizes and budgets.

Did you know? Like all good email marketing tools we’ve mentioned in this article, each tool is industry compliant with GDPR policies. You can also integrate each tool with your website and other marketing tools in a safe and secure way to get a seamless, easy-to-use experience.

#1: MailChimp

One of the most used email marketing tools out there, MailChimp is an affordable solution for businesses big and small. Since entering the world of email in 2001, it’s now grown into an all-in-one place for your marketing needs.

For clients, the platform’s marketing CRM helps you to collect data about your contacts, so you can create an action plan that will generate conversations they’ll want to engage in.

The Benefits:

#2: dotdigital

If you’re a bigger company looking for an email marketing tool that’s a little more up-market and has advanced automation capabilities, dotdigital is the platform for your business.

Although it’s slightly more pricey compared to some of the smaller-scale email platforms, you’re able to empower your marketing team to create an omnichannel experience, delivering engaging conversations across every channel.

Some of the most loved features include it’s stunning and simple to use design. Get beautiful templates that are perfectly structured for all devices, drag and drop content blocks removing the need to code and an advanced image editing app that’s built-in to the programme.

Plus, there’s the opportunity to personalise your data fields with integrations with Nosto and similar partners, add product recommendations pulled from your eCommerce platform may that be Magento, Shopify or other and the ability to add dynamic content.

You can also save time through the development of pre-built blocks, templates and social links and work efficiently through the “restorer” feature, automatically saving your sessions.

The Benefits:

You can learn more about dotdigital’s email capabilities, here.

#3: HubSpot

HubSpot was primarily a marketing, sales and service software that is based on a top-quality CRM at its core. Its three hubs allow you to do different things:

Emails within HubSpot

A part of the inbound marketing on HubSpot, is email creation, automation, and segmentation. Below is a list of ways you can use HubSpot to make the most of these features:

#4: Benchmark

Benchmark is a powerful email marketing tool that ditches advanced email complications, bringing you a friendly, use-today platform. With free plans available, this is a great “I’m new to email” platform that doesn’t compromise on high-quality technology.

Spend less time on setting up the system and use it as a quick fix to getting quality email content in front of your clients in an eye-catching way and at a time that matters.

Benchmarks email marketing tool layout
Source: Benchmark Email

The Benefits:

#5: SendGrid

Email marketing tool - SendGrid

SendGrid is another email marketing tool that you can utilise to send simple but highly necessary emails to your clients. For example, you can easily create emails such as password resets, product promotions, email newsletters, shipping notifications or other.

Over 80,000 paying customers trust SendGrid to send more than 50 billion emails every month. – SendGrid

The Benefits:


Each platform mentioned is built by experts and are valuable, reliable and secure email marketing tools to have. However, which tool will be best suited to you depends on your business needs and of course, budget.

Although there are free and paid versions of the different platforms, remember that email marketing isn’t a tactic to cut costs on. Email marketing, in general, is fairly inexpensive and so, paying for a high-quality product that will genuinely work and bring your business benefit, is a no-brainer.