Meet Callie, Kanuka’s Newbie

I’m Callie, Digital Account Executive and ‘newbie’ to the incredible, ever-expanding team here at Kanuka. I thought that I would formally introduce myself to clients, both old and new, via this blog to get those awkward introductions out of the way and, give those that want to, a chance to get to know me and my expertise in the marketing industry.

So, hang tight, grab a cuppa, a biscuit (or twelve, if you’re like me) and enjoy the ride.

My background

Prior to landing my new role here at Kanuka, I worked at another marketing agency specialising in social media, PR and creative campaign management. From an apprentice (and expert tea-maker), new to the world of marketing, I worked my way up in the business to Creative Director in just under 5 years.

During my career to date, I have worked alongside brands such as Müller UK & Ireland, M6Toll and TUI Group, to name but a few, launching campaigns that have increased brand awareness, inspired change and driven conversions both online and offline using the power of social media and PR.

Whilst, in reality, I’m fairly new to the game, I make up for it with an unwavering passion to evolve, adapt and grow as a marketer. My customer centric approach to creative campaigns, social media and PR aims to build rapport with customers and leave them wanting to come back for more, time and time again. 

My journey at Kanuka so far…

Whilst I have only been here at Kanuka for just 5 short days, it already feels like I’ve been here a lifetime – and I promise I mean that in the most endearing way possible. Each and every member of the team from both Kanuka and iWeb have made me feel right at home, even if I am yet to receive my nickname as part of my initiation to the business… 

Over the coming months, I am looking forward to diving head-first into my workload, create some weird and wonderful campaigns for clients encompassing PR and social media, and continue to learn with the help of my super-supportive team of experts around me.

However, that’s enough about me. I want to learn about you. If you’re looking for an agency that delivers measurable results that work towards your bottom line, then let’s chat!

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