Instagram Reels: Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Latest Feature

Last week, Instagram released its latest feature: Instagram Reels. A new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.

We’re taking a look at what they are, how to use Instagram reels and ways that we can use them in our social media marketing.


To rival short, snappy videos iconic on the platform TikTok; Instagram Reels are a simple way to create 15-second multiclip videos with audio, effects and new creative tools.

Once you’ve created a new ‘Reel’, you can share with your friends, where your video will appear on their news feed. Alternatively, if you have a public profile, your video will be shared to the wider Instagram community through the ‘Explore’ page. 

Instagram reels: how to use Instagram reels


  1. Select ‘Reels’ at the bottom of the Instagram camera, this is where you normally add a story on Instagram.
  2. Record your reel in one of 3 ways: a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or by uploading videos from your camera roll. Start recording by holding the capture button, you will see a progress bar start to fill as you record. Then, stop holding the capture button to end the clip.
  3. Choose which creative editing tools you would like to use from the left side of the screen, including the following:
    Audio: If you don’t want to use the audio that was captured when you recorded your reel, you can choose to add music instead. Using the Instagram music Library, search for a song to add to your Reel. If you have used your own audio, your original audio will be available for other users to create reels with, by selecting ‘Use Audio’.
    Timer & Countdown: To record your reels handsfree, just set a timer! You’ll see a countdown appear before your recording begins for the time you’ve defined your reel to last for.
    AR Effects:  There are lots of effects available from either Instagram or from the community of creators to make your reel stand out.
    Align: Create seamless transitions between your video clips by lining up objects in each frame.
    Speed: Stay on beat or make slow motion videos by speeding up or slowing down parts of your video or audio. 


Video is a hugely popular way to consume content, so Reels can be used as a creative marketing technique. As a result, Reels on the ‘Explore’ page gives anyone the chance to become a creator on the platform and reach new audiences on a global stage.

It’s a good idea to start making the most of the new feature because competition will still be low.

There are many ways that reels can be used. For example, Reels can provide educational content, behind the scenes insights, new product reveals, product reviews or case studies and give information about your brand or company.

As reels become more popular, we will see more new and exciting ways that the feature is being used to improve engagement and brand awareness.


Despite the new feature only being released recently, certain brands are already making use of the new reels. 

We don’t blame them! They’re building traction within both existing and new audiences, whilst using their creative skills in new and exciting ways.

Here are 3 brands that are already utilising the new reels feature:


Showcasing products by taking part in challenges and using trending audio clips and taking part in challenges. They also encourage conversation and engagement by asking followers to take actions like, ‘which colour is your favourite? Comment below!’ and ‘Tag a friend who you want to go shopping with’.


Using reels in a creative way to showcase clothing items on models and give outfit inspiration. Louis Vuitton have stayed consistent with the style of reels used; using a different model and products for each reel.


19 year old Chef, Eitan Bernath, uses reels to create engaging ‘how to’ videos, showing viewers how to create delicious recipes. Providing serious food inspiration, Eitan recreates some popular fast food chain recipes at home, for viewers to recreate themselves. As a result, Eitan drives traffic to his Youtube channel and website, where viewers can find more indepth videos and detailed recipes.

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