WordPress Powers 40% Of All Websites

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system used to create professional websites for businesses, bloggers and creatives across the world.

Released back in 2003, WordPress started out predominantly for bloggers. The software was forked from b2, a blogging tool. The popularity of WordPress has continued to grow and many people now build their websites with WordPress. Its functionality has matured allowing the platform to become the go-to for simple, yet fully functional website building.

Why is WordPress such a successful website platform?

Within the CMS (Content Management System) space, WordPress holds a leading 64.5% market share. There are many reasons why WordPress has become the most popular CMS platform.

A mission to serve everyone

The mission at WordPress is to ‘Democratise Publishing’. WordPress is specifically designed for everyone, with a focus on accessibility, performance, security and ease of use. Even with a rise in paid, closed competitors, WordPress continues to grow.

Easy to use

At its most basic level, the WordPress software is simple and easy to use. Therefore, no matter if you have previous technical or website building experience or not, it is easy to get started. The simplicity also allows website owners to spend less time setting up online, and more time telling their story or sharing products and services.


The community around the platform is huge, which means that the amount of support available within the community is huge too. As the platform is open source and continually growing, more and more developers are coming together to create a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes, which can be used across websites and are available to everyone.


As an established platform, WordPress offers strong backwards compatibility. For example, a theme built 17 years ago for version 1.0 can still work with plugins and features created years later.

Why is WordPress our CMS of choice?

At Kanuka Digital, we help eCommerce businesses find solutions that give our clients the best opportunities to flourish online.

Ian Gordon, a director at Kanuka Digital said, “As an agency with a history of building bespoke applications on open source software it was a natural path for us to choose WordPress when it became a mature product. For us as a business, it has many benefits such as plugin availability, reduced development times, security, and pool of available talent in the ecosystem.”

Our experience with WordPress…

Having worked with WordPress for many years between the team, we’ve seen the platform evolve in many ways during our time of using it for website development.

Due to the many benefits mentioned above, we find WordPress a great solution for our clients and it’s a platform that the team at Kanuka Digital enjoy working with too.

Phil’s thoughts on WordPress

“The community around WordPress has always been one of its strongest assets. From WordCamps, local meetup groups, to the vast ecosystem of plugins and libraries. WordPress is a well supported platform which welcomes both users and developers.

WordPress has a strong commitment to backwards compatibility. Therefore, it provides a stable platform to build upon. WordPress still pushes forward to remain competitive. The new block based editing experience gives users greater control and visual feedback. It’s a step change for both users and developers.”

Laura’s thoughts on WordPress

“WordPress is easy to use, yet so powerful and versatile that you can build a complex bespoke website, that can fit your business needs perfectly.

Its user-friendly admin interface keeps things simple, even for large websites. WordPress and the WordPress community commit to keeping the platform accessible for all skill levels. This is its best competitive advantage over other platforms.”

WordPress websites and our clients

We’ve done lots of bespoke development for clients using the WordPress platform, helping them to achieve their overall business goals.

One example of our WordPress development projects was for Willows Veterinary Group, which consists of over 25 veterinary practices. Willows approached Kanuka Digital with the goal of replacing their existing disparate websites.

Making use of the WordPress multisite feature, we were able to achieve a consistent look and feel across their websites. Content management is also easier thanks to the ability to publish news and offers across all of their sites. 

Therefore, by spending less time on website management, the marketing team are able to focus their efforts on getting their messaging across effectively.

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