Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips: 7 ways to increase conversions on your eCommerce site

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of enhancing and optimising user experiences with the goal of increasing sales and leads. CRO eliminates the headache of having to sift through mountains of data and instead offers laser-focused insights into the issues your store is facing. The insights will look into your consumers, their interactions with your website, and their engagements off of it. With the average conversion rate for websites being around 2%, it’s essential that you look at incorporating a conversion rate optimisation strategy. To get you started, here are seven conversion rate optimisation tips you can implement to increase the number of conversions on your eCommerce site.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips
  1. Optimise landing pages
  2. Shorten the purchase journey
  3. Increase page load speed
  4. Incorporate reviews and UGC
  5. Improve site content
  6. Easy site navigation
  7. Use targeted CTA’s

CRO tip #1 – optimise landing pages for mobile  

Conversion rate optimisation tip mobile

In the mobile age, you have to ensure that your eCommerce website caters to mobile users, from accessibility to aesthetics. Although desktop still has a higher average conversion rate, the ratio of mobile users to desktop users majorly favours the mobile user.

Here are a few things that can improve the mobile experience and in turn increase your conversion rate:

CRO tip #2 – shorten the purchase journey

Due to fast-evolving trends and emerging technologies, people’s patience and attention spans are less than they used to be. It is considerably more convenient for customers when they can view a product and buy it right away without leaving the page.

Customers may become frustrated if you divert them from what they came for and point them in other directions. Even customers who have a strong desire to buy can become distracted and perplexed when browsing countless product pages. Create checkout possibilities by having people read your blogs, emails, browse your website, and/or order from your catalogues.

Making sure that all of your products are linked directly is the simplest approach to speed up the purchasing process and prevent customers from wasting time browsing your website.

CRO tip #3 – increase page load speed

Page load measures how long it takes for a page’s elements to download and for its content to be displayed in the browser so that the user can interact with it. This is impacted by a number of variables, including the website server and design.

A survey by Google showed that 53% of users will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in three seconds.

So you’re losing out on conversions if your page loading speed is slow. One of the easiest ways to get a snapshot of your page speed is by using Google’s Page Speed Insights. This will give you an initial indication of any issues with page performance. For a full deep dive into this, we offer a Core Web Vitals Audit that helps to outline changes that can be made to your website to increase its overall speed.

CRO tip #4 – incorporate reviews and UGC

Incorporating reviews and other user-generated content is a great way to increase conversions, it’s also really easy to integrate. Customers have a plethora of options when browsing and shopping online, so eCommerce companies need to stand out. Customer reviews can do this by promoting more transparency, higher trust, and social proof of the benefits that your goods and services can truly provide. In fact, 82% of customers claim that a review’s substance influenced their decision to buy.

Where should you incorporate your reviews? Integrating reviews on product pages have been shown to increase conversions, particularly on eCommerce sites where products and services aren’t truly viewable until they’re delivered in person.

Conversion rate optimisation tip reviews

CRO tip #5 – improve site content

Improving your website content is key for SEO and ultimately, conversion rate. A lot of people create content without intent, writing endless blog posts with little to no research or conversion value. Having well researched, well written content will drive traffic to your site and help rank your site higher in search results, in turn boosting your conversion rate. Here’s a few ways to improve your content:

“Content marketing is relevant and useful storytelling that captures the interest of your specific audience and helps them solve their problems.”
Search Engine Journal

CRO tip #6 – easy site navigation

An efficient user experience is key to converting customers. Your website should be simple to use and should not send customers in circles. For example, if you’ve used a banner on your home page to promote a sale, this should take customers directly to the sale, not to a page where they have to apply filters to find sale products, or only certain products on the page are on sale.

Also, use a clearly sectioned navigation menu with easy access to the home and contact pages and ensure all links and buttons are clickable. Be direct, it’s the best way to increase conversions.

CRO tip #7 – use targeted CTA’s

The key to a good CTA is placement and taking into account where the customer is on their journey. A loyal customer will need less direction than a first time visitor, having already developed a purchase history and brand allegiance.

For an already engaged customer, calls to action via emails directing them to personalised product recommendations is a great way to increase conversions. For a first-time visitor, however, leading them to reviews, your social channels, and blog posts can be critical in developing their brand awareness and increasing trust which in turn will improve conversion rate.

conversion rate optimisation targeted CTA's

Why conversion rate optimisation is so important

Optimising conversion rate will help boost order values, decrease abandoned baskets and lower your sites bounce rates, leading to generating more revenue and growing your business.

Before you can start optimising your website, you must first understand your customers thoroughly. The goal is to figure out who they are, how they interact with your store, and where there are issues in the customer journey that may be keeping them from converting.

Using our tried and tested CRO process, we investigate on-site SEO and stability issues, map out your customers’ most frequent paths to create a model that converts these customers, analyse how your products and services perform on your site, and explore how customers find these products.

Our 7 tips to increase conversions on your eCommerce site

  1. Optimise your landing pages for mobile
  2. Shorten the purchase journey
  3. Increase page loading speed
  4. Incorporate reviews and user-generated content
  5. Improve your site content and keep it up to date
  6. Easy site navigation
  7. Use targeted CTA’s

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