Broadbean WordPress Integration: Powering Job Boards

Looking to integrate your recruitment and job posting efforts with your WordPress website?

Broadbean – the WordPress recruitment solution

Broadbean is a world leading talent attraction platform that allows you to supercharge your direct candidate sourcing efforts for direct recruitment or agencies.

Seamlessly integrate Broadbean job listings, advanced search functionality, and simplified applications into your WordPress website.

✓ Write jobs in Broadbean so they show on your WordPress site
✓ Allow candidates to apply for jobs on your own WordPress site
✓ Have these applicants appear in Broadbean along with applicants from other job boards

How we integrate Broadbean with WordPress

We take care of the technical integration between Broadbean and your WordPress website, allowing you to focus solely on your recruitment efforts.

Our team design and build user-friendly job listing and detail pages. With sorting, filtering, and search capabilities, candidates can effortlessly discover and apply for positions, enhancing engagement and attracting high-quality talent.

Our fully managed integration service eliminates manual posting and data entry, automating the transfer of job listings and applications, freeing up your valuable time.

Free integration quote

If you are looking to boost your jobs applications and extending your WordPress site by integrating Broadbean job listing, we can help.

Whether you’re headhunting for a job listings integration or scouting for a fresh recruitment site built around Broadbean, our team of WordPress experts are the perfect match for you.

Customising the Broadbean WordPress integration

Our team of expert developers can tailor the integration to meet your needs.

✓ Add, edit and remove the different job fields to customise the data stored against each job
✓ Add, edit and remove job taxonomies to customise how jobs are grouped
✓ Write bespoke functionality such as automatic job expiration
✓ Style the job listing page and also the application forms to maintain consistency with the rest of your website and brand

Once successfully integrated, jobs written in Broadbean appear in WordPress and applications to jobs on WordPress are tracked back to Broadbean.


Why Broadbean with WordPress?

It’s the perfect integration to power recruitment & job board functionality for WordPress sites and offers great support. With the intuitive tool, you can analyse, distribute, source, search and refer all from one platform. It can be also integrated with your CRM system and you can analyse your data in an easily digestible format. 

The biggest advantage that Broadbean has over its competitors is the ability to post to multiple job boards all at once without the monotony of manual input. Saving time, minimising data entry and collating applications from multiple job sites, Broadbean is the most powerful job distribution and application tracking platform.

Carlisle Support Services

Carlisle Support Services specialise in the provision of cleaning, security, events and retail facilities support services across public and private sectors. 

Having already chosen Broadbean as their recruitment solution, they wanted a new, modernised website that could support the integration and transform their recruitment drive to online.

We designed and built a fully responsive WordPress website for Carlisle Support Services successfully integrated with WordPress that allows them to showcase their services and acquire the best talent. 

The job board allows candidates to easily find and apply for roles and the powerful job search feature allows jobs to be narrowed down by keyword, role or location.

Jobs are automatically published and removed when they expire. Applications made through the Carlisle Support Services site are fed into Broadbean and by integrating with the Google Maps Platform, we’re able to further enrich each listing. The Geocoding API converts addresses into geographic coordinates which allows candidates to filter/search jobs by location. 

Broadbean has maximised their reach and the pool of potential candidates by automatically posting across multiple job boards.


“Working with Kanuka Digital to integrate Broadbean with our new WordPress website has played a huge role in the digital transformation of our business. We’ve saved valuable time and resources and seen a huge increase in online applicants.“ 

Nicole Baker
Director of Business Development and Marketing, Carlisle Support Services

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