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Attack is a magazine site that delves into the production and culture of the electronic dance music scene. Their London-based editorial team has extensive experience of club promotion, pro audio, DJing, music publishing and the record industry. Everything they do is driven by a love of music.

The Brief

With extensive experience of club promotion, pro audio, DJing, music publishing and the record industry the site was in need of modernisation.

One of the key elements of Attack Magazine is in the name itself. It is a magazine, and they want to keep some aspects of the site close to resembling the elements that all would be familiar with from printed publications. People like what they know and tapping into that and bringing them into the digital format helps to give readers a great all round experience.

Interactive puzzles and competitions

Continuing the magazine elements theme, interactive games and quizzes were a great way to encourage engagement, allowing their users to test themselves on a specialist subject.

We also went a step further and integrated interactive crosswords directly onto the WordPress site. Sometimes crosswords can take some time to complete and nothing would be more frustrating than an accidental page refresh that cleared you answers from the page. With that in mind we integrated a system that remembers those answers even if you leave the page and return later.


One of the main streams of income for the site is the use of advertisements throughout. Some sites can bombard you with adverts which can often distract form the articles themselves and make pages very difficult to digest.

We were able to find a balance to ensure that they were still apparent on the site in a way that optimised the experience rather than detract from it. It was vital to ensure that any adverts displayed on the site refrained from causing a jumping screen whilst reading an article.

Integrated Shopify store

Along with discussing all aspects of the electronic music industry, Attack Magazine also wanted to sell directly through their site. By utilising the Shopify for WordPress extension we were able to showcase their products from the Shopify products within the WordPress site. This helped created a seamless user experience between browsing and shopping.

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