Chelford Farm Supplies

Through their store and eCommerce website, Chelford Farm Supplies are a leading UK supplier of Equestrian Clothing & Footwear, Farm Supplies & Feed and Garden Machinery.

235% Improvement in Return on Ad Spend

2,600% Dynamic Search Ads Return on Ad Spend

60% Increase in total revenue

The brief

Chelford Farm Supplies have been running Google Ads for several years and used it to good effect to both increase revenue through their website and drive local customers in store. However, the return on their investment had slowly been declining over the last 12 months and with such a diverse product set, the total number of campaigns had become difficult to manage effectively.

The challenge

To consolidate campaigns to make them easier to manage while hitting a 1,000% return on ad spend.

Our approach

With so many campaigns running across two different Google Ad accounts, we had to get stuck into a seriously thorough audit of historical performance data. This helped us get a better understanding of their varied product set and informed a detailed summary of recommendations, prioritised by expected impact.

For starters, Google Shopping campaigns were still largely being managed manually which was proving very time consuming and ineffectual so we quickly identified an opportunity to make more use of Google’s automated bidding strategies.

While traditional search network (text) ads were underperforming, we refocused them on driving local customers in store for high value items such as garden and forest machinery so customers can get their hands on them before they commit to buy.

“We have been working with Kanuka Digital for the last 18 months and through careful restructure of our PPC campaigns they have helped us achieve our KPIs. Kanuka really took the time to ensure that our campaigns were structured efficiently and effectively, and we are now seeing fantastic results from this work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kanuka to any other business seeking professional and expert management of their PPC or SEO account.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Chelford Farm Supplies

Dynamic search and remarketing ads have also been introduced to the strategy, meaning Chelford Farm Supplies now have much a stronger presence at the top and bottom of the marketing funnel, whether a customer is in research or buy mode.

Seasonality is also key due to the nature of their products so by working together with their in-house Marketing team, we’ve been able to map out a calendar of new product releases and promotions to align with the campaign strategy and budgets.

By consolidating the amount of campaigns running at any given time – a reduction from over 40 to around 10, we’ve actually freed up time to spend on other marketing activities like SEO and most notably, have got the overall return on ad spend running at 1,100%.

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