Clink Hostels

Renowned for its passion to reinvent the industry with its people at its heart, Clink Hostels have fast become one of the most-loved hostel companies since its fruition in 2007.

123% increase in online direct bookings

64% increase in organic traffic

43% increase in Average Order Value

The brief

Having made waves in the hospitality industry, Clink Hotels turned their focus to creating a world class website that allows customers to easily book their next adventure and digest information about each location and its surroundings. In doing so, this would drive more traffic to the website and increase conversion.

The challenge

Create a website that appeals to a global market, crafted to cater for multiple languages (and look awesome in the process).

Our approach

Charged with the task to drive traffic and increase conversion, we began our project with a full website audit and competitor analysis to allow our team to create a strategy built to deliver (and exceed) the brief.

We spread the challenges posed by the project across three main areas: SEO, content, and design. These key aspects had to come together seamlessly to ensure the user journey was streamlined in order to maximise sales and traffic.

Design & UX

Crafted to convert.

Using website analytics, heat mappings, user journey recordings and our expertise (of course), we were able to redesign key landing pages and streamline the booking process on Clink Hostels’ website to improve conversion rates.

A mobile-first approach

Our responsive, mobile-first approach allowed us to focus on presenting an immersive experience to those customers on portable devices in order to increase UX and conversion rates. With a mobile-friendly design, Clink Hostels’ website is now geared up to benefit from an era of smartphone shopping from a generation that sees the world wide web as second nature.

Content strategy & creation

Bursting with creativity. Oozing with innovation. Delivering results.

We understand that a hostel’s website should build excitement for a much-needed adventure. Encompassing informative content, incredible imagery and a friendly tone of voice rolled into one in order to contribute to an online experience like no other.

Using our initial analysis to obtain seasonality information, most searched topics and identify gaps in content, our team of content connoisseurs crafted a strategy which incorporated a 12 month content calendar, creative campaigns, outreach opportunities and articles to engage website users.

Using the strategy, we produced a number of engaging visuals geared towards Clink Hostels’ target market, informative blog posts that build up excitement to an adventure and drafts to give their in-house team the tools they need to continue to create kick-ass content.


Attracting the right people, at the right time.

Our SEO experts worked closely alongside our website designers, developers and content creators in order to maximise Clink Hostels’ organic traffic and visibility on search engines. With a careful mix of content, technical and authority, we created a reliable and effective SEO strategy that continues to deliver results, even to this very day.


Seamlessly integrated to deliver, each and every time

To get the most from the WordPress platform, we included a few key integrations to improve user experience on the site.

MEWS Systems

Trusted by more than 1000 hospitality businesses, we integrated MEWS booking systems to generate a greater level of direct bookings, manage reservations and provide a better guest experience online.

Zendesk Live Chat

Live Chat can be a great way to add a personal touch to your site. It also allows customers to find answers to there questions fast, which is crucial in this fast-paced digital age.

WPML Multilingual

Having customers from across the globe, we needed to make sure that Clink Hostels’ website worked flawlessly with a host of different languages. Utilising WPML to bring in the content suited to each user.

“The team are always incredibly supportive. We’ve worked together on several significant website projects in the last few years, and they’re always delivered on time and on-spec. We are delighted with the growth in direct bookings we’re seeing.”

Marketing Manager, Clink Hostels

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