Tile Giant

Email and SMS strategy including advanced automation workflows and campaign management for the UK’s fastest growing tile specialist.

42% average open rate

£250k+ revenue in first 12 months

8% conversion rate

The client

With over 90 stores nationwide, Tile Giant is a leading provider of tiles to both the trade and consumer markets with thousands of lines to suit all styles of homes and budgets. 

The brief

After a busy few years of upheaval including a 50 mile relocation of their offices and warehouse to a new premises and migration to a new Magento 2 website, we’ve helped to overhaul Tile Giant’s digital presence through SEO, inspirational on-site content and helped build their email marketing strategy from the ground up using dotdigital to complement their strong omnichannel presence.

The challenge

Mobilise Tile Giant’s growing trade and retail database using Dotdigital’s email and SMS platforms.

Our approach

To get Tile Giant started on the platform we created 3 workflows to engage customers, drive traffic back to the website and generate more conversions using custom designs based on their website’s look and feel.

The first was a three-step abandoned basket campaign following up after a checkout or basket was abandoned, experimenting with discount codes and incentives as well as content and subject lines.

The second workflow implemented was to follow up with customers who had purchased a free sample tile. These were historically never followed up from and relied on the customer to return to the website and complete their purchase. We segmented customers who had placed an order containing a sample tile and sent a series of emails, leaving enough time between to allow for postage.

The third workflow was a simple welcome and double opt in campaign. The first email asks the user to confirm their subscription, before receiving information on the latest trends, offers and store news in subsequent messages.

As the COVID-19 lockdowns began to lift, Tile Giant provided messaging around encouraging tradespeople back to work with tips on how to market their business, how to keep safe based on Government guidelines and take advantage of the latest trade specific offers.

A mix of SMS and Email messaging was sent out to the trade database to help them get back to work. We saw a 10% increase in users visiting the website from email, a 20% increase in visitors using the on-site store locator functionality and open rates of around 25%.

We’re now building out more in-depth segmentation to provide more specific content to traders about their local store, target customers with tailored offers and build out a separate welcome flow to cater just for the Trade Rewards customer group.

Why was it successful?

In the first six months – around £74,000 in revenue was tracked. In the first twelve months – around £240,000 in revenue was tracked. During the four month peak of COVID-19 – this reached £126,000 as demand for samples soared.

Open rates are consistently between 40-50% and click rates are consistently between 15-25% for each workflow. A once under-utilised acquisition channel is now accountable for over 5% of monthly revenue, with an 8.00%+ conversion rate.

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