TW Wholesale

TW Wholesale is a hand and power tool specialist based in Derbyshire, supplying both trade and DIY customers.

189% increase in revenue from PPC

48% reduction in cost per conversion

48% improvement in conversion rate

The brief

After a very busy period during lockdown and with no sign of sales slowing down when restrictions were eased, TW wanted to keep the momentum going by building on the success of the Google Ads campaigns.

The challenge

 to grow the Google Ads campaigns whilst maintaining the same level of ROAS.

Our approach

While there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the campaigns we were already running, we knew there were areas that we could grow. We got stuck into analysing TW’s product data to find out what was selling well and if there were any seasonal trends to their customers’ spending.

Once we had the product data sorted, we then moved onto restructuring the Google Shopping campaigns. We created a tiered structure based on the product value, starting from the very high-value products down to their cheapest product ranges. In doing so, we were able to allocate the budget depending on the profit margins e.g. products with a lower profit margin having a lower budget than those with a higher profit margin. This meant that we wouldn’t throw away the high level of ROAS we had already maintained.

We also introduced a catch-all shopping campaign which housed all other products that weren’t included in our tiered structure so we could identify any emerging product trends. Plus, we added a search campaign to encourage local DIY and tradesman to visit their store in Derbyshire.

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