WineSure is Hallgarten & Ovum Wines bespoke training programme. Initially delivered as a traditional face-to-face training initiative. Our LearnDash solution equips service staff with the knowledge needed to effectively guide customers in selecting wine, serving them with confidence.

Hallgarten specialises in the import and distribution of wine to premium on-trade and off-trade sectors.

They approached us looking for a learning management system that would allow users to complete their course, teaching them the basics about wines from around the world.

They needed a robust LearnDash eLearning platform to expand their reach and provide another USP to stand out against their competitors.

The challenge

With traditional face-to-face training limiting scalability an e-learning solution was the perfect way to deliver an effective distance training course. And LearnDash was the obvious choice.

We needed to develop interactive course material that delivered detailed information in a aesthetically pleasing way to encourage learning and hold the users interest.

Mobile first

The key aspect of the site was that it worked perfectly on mobile devices, allowing team members at restaurants and public houses around the country to learn the ins and outs of the wine industry.

Determining the demographic of the sites main users helped us to ensure that our design of the LMS worked for its intended audience. This meant that we focused on producing a site which followed best practices for mobile whilst incorporating elements that users would be familiar with from the use of similar applications and websites.

This mobile-first design philosophy allows for seamless access to course materials, ensuring that learners can engage with the content from virtually anywhere.

Design & UX

The design of their course materials involved a meticulous planning and design process, ensuring that every detail was thoughtfully considered. We produced wireframes and rapid prototypes to gather feedback throughout the design process.

Designed and built around intuitive navigation and responsive design elements, the WineSure LMS seamlessly adapts to different devices.

Extending LearnDash

Hallgarten’s course materials covers everything from the processes of making wine, to, how to understand the information displayed on wine labels, we needed to keep consistency with design styles whilst also making sure that it was easy to understand and engaging content.

We designed and built a range of LearnDash blocks that helped users to engage with the course material through expandable and collapsible sections, interactive animated wine process flow diagrams, interactive map elements to explore wine regions, and interactive annotated wine labels.

Factoid blocks are interspersed throughout each course, offering the opportunity to learn something new while keeping courses fun and engaging.

Front end administrative dashboard

We implemented hierarchical user management in LearnDash, allowing companies and individual venues to manage their own teams.

A bespoke front end administrative dashboard provides company and team leaders with a seamless, branded experience. They can add, remove or edit team members—and track overall learner progress.

Hallgarten’s customers are now able to self-serve, streamlining their onboarding process and reducing administrative work for Hallgarten staff. An important factor in any effective learning management system.

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