GS Yuasa leads the world with innovative power solutions ranging from sophisticated technology powering the International Space Station, to state of the art batteries used in automobiles, motorcycles, marine, rail and aviation applications.

21 Courses

100 Modules

1200+ registered students

The brief

GS Yuasa Academy sought to create a robust e-learning platform, built to provide leading technical distance training and assessed accreditation for GS and Yuasa battery users.

The challenge

Create a website that puts the students user experience first, allowing them to digest information from over 100 modules quickly and navigate around the website with ease.

Design & UX

Putting the student experience first.

We know all too well that e-learning platforms can be dreary, uninspiring and a drag to use. We wanted to change this and build a platform that students can use with ease in order to learn more effectively.

A mobile-first approach

Our responsive, mobile-first approach allowed us to focus on presenting an immersive experience to students on portable devices in order to increase UX and pass rates. With a mobile-friendly design, GS Yuasa’s website is geared up to benefit from on-the-go learning.

Tailored learning pathways

We designed and built the platform with GS Yuasa Academy’s students in mind. The module-based courses provide valuable knowledge and practical skills, tailored to specific job roles and industries for clear and relevant information. The system, built by our in-house web development team, suggests a tailored learning path depending on a user’s job role.

Training can also be completed at any pace, giving users the ability to leave the site and pick up where they left off at any time.

Team learning

We know that some work best in teams, so we have seamlessly integrated team learning to give users the ability to work on their own or with their peers.

Team leader functionality

To allow organisations to track progress of employees and maximise business potential, we created an advanced team leader functionality.

Team leader features include:

→ A bulk team upload
→ Progress dashboards
→ Downloadable reports
→ Specific learning paths
→ Team segmentation
→ Reminder emails

The solution is also available to colleges and educational institutions to allow students to learn important information about GS and Yuasa batteries.

Content management

After all, content is king.

Featuring over 20 detailed training courses, the platform offers best practice advice, covering every step of a battery’s ‘journey’- from leaving the shelf, through ongoing maintenance, to end of service life.

Dynamic video

We made a conscious effort to make information as easy as possible to digest. To bridge the gap, dynamic video-based modules allow students to process bitesize chunks of information. This powerful combination of audio and visual elements work seamlessly together to engage students with different preferences for learning new information.

Quizzes and certification

Once users have completed a module, they are quizzed to test their knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand. Upon completion of each course, a downloadable certificate is awarded to the student, and can be printed as proof of certification.


To get the most from the WordPress platform, we included a few key integrations to improve user experience on the site.


LearnDash is a premium LMS WordPress plugin that allows businesses to create online learning platforms with advanced functionality.


WordPress provides simple and flexible Mailchimp integration, so businesses can create flawless email marketing campaigns to communicate with customers directly.

WPML Multilingual

WPML makes it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes for businesses that are going global.

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