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Bacofoil: Our Latest Site Launch!

Reading Time - 4 minutes

Optimised site redesign and restructure, improvement in site functionality and…

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Core Web Vitals Update, What Web Owners Need To Know

Reading Time - 12 minutes

Over the last few months Google has rolled out the…

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How to Improve WordPress Search with Algolia

Improving WordPress search with Algolia

Reading Time - 4 minutes

Helping customers find things quickly reduces frustration and can lead…

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R.I.P. Google Plus Image | Kanuka Digital

Google Update: Say Goodbye to Google+

Reading Time - 3 minutes

Following on from a large data exposure, Google has realised…

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WordPress 5.0 | Kanuka Digital

WordPress 5.0 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Reading Time - 5 minutes

Following the announcement from the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg,…

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