WordPress audits

Are you having problems with your WordPress website? Whether it’s running slowly, requires the latest security patches applying or you’re just not happy with how it’s performing, we can help by starting with a technical WordPress website audit.

Our experienced team of WordPress professionals will carry out a technical audit and health check of your website which will inform a priority list of fixes. Typically, this could involve everything from applying the latest WordPress patch to updating plugins and core cleaning up code.

WordPress Code Review

→ Plugins
→ Security
→ Themes
→ Performance
→ Maintainability
→ Browser compatibility


→ Site structure
→ Meta data
→ Content quality
→ Search Console & Analytics
→ Backlink profile

Design & Usability

→ Review of navigation
→ Placement of calls to action
→ Content layout
→ Consistency
→ Conversion points

Symptoms of poor code quality and out of date WordPress sites

  • → Consistently crashes for no apparent reason.
  • → Poor performance – website loads slowly.
  • → Security holes – website was hacked.
  • → SEO issues – website not performing well in search engines.
  • → Deployment of new features leads to bugs appearing across the site.
  • → Editing content in the admin takes a long time.
My website has performance issues

Hosting & Maintenance

Once we’ve rescued your website and got it back to full health, we will make sure that it stays that way.

We offer managed hosting and maintenance packages underpinned by our dedicated proactive technical team who are always on hand to keep your site running smoothly and to ensure your business stays sustainable and competitive online.

With our support we aim to offer complete peace of mind with packages that cover not just outages and problems, but also a full range of day-to-day business support, all centred on your WordPress website.

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✓ 10+ team of marketers, designers & developers with a passion for eCommerce

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