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Transform your trade business online and reach new customers with our B2B eCommerce digital marketing services.

The B2B eCommerce space is growing fast and buyers have increasingly high expectations in line with their B2C shopping experiences.  74% of B2B buyers report researching at least half of their work purchases online. B2B customers are typically focused on ROI, efficiency, and expertise and driven by logic and financial incentive.

We work with different types of B2B businesses including wholesalers, manufacturers, and B2C2B hybrid businesses like Tile Giant who sell to both trade and consumers.

With a robust B2B eCommerce store and well thought out digital marketing strategy, we can help you meet the increasing demands to deliver a better B2B online buying experience that generates more revenue.

Benefits of B2B eCommerce

  1. Increased sales – more sales with less outreach and research work.
  2. Increase brand visibility – reach new customers through SEO and ease of discoverability.
  3. Scalability – scale your brand with both inbound and outbound sales, earning revenue for additional product lines.
  4. Expansion – go beyond your current offering into new categories or geographies, using a central source of data and localised sites to win customer loyalty.
  5. Win on customer experience – provide an automated, personalised customer experience for the new generation of B2B buyer.

How to market to your B2B customers to streamline your business, get your products in the hands of your customers and grow your online sales.

  • → Educate better than your competitors
  • → Teach customers how to save themselves, and YOU, time
  • → Use technology to reduce manual workloads and human error
  • → Invest your time savings in better customer support and loyalty programmes
  • → Align your teams with a single source of truth — and scale better.
  • → Reduce costs while increase sales (no brainer)
  • → Make eCommerce integral, not central
  • → Talk to customers as you always have — but now, over text or messenger
  • → Segment customer experiences so everyone feels special (and you don’t feel bogged down)

Experience Matters

Some of the eCommerce businesses and brands we’ve helped sell more.

Kanuka Digital have played a huge role in the digital transformation of the Bacofoil brand over the past 2 years. Their technical expertise shone through when integrating our ERP system. We have a content managed website that allows the team to quickly and easily create new recipes, tips and landing pages. In addition, we now have eCommerce functionality that has generated us a significant increase in customer engagement and revenue. Communication is open and honest and I can honestly say that it’s a pleasure working with them.

Ben Malkin
Digital Marketing Manager, Bacofoil

“We launched our new UK eCommerce store but needed some UK based expertise to gain traction quicker. We gave Kanuka Digital a clear brief and budgets and based on that information they came back to us with a very comprehensive and clear eCommerce strategy to get us to our revenue goals. Our search engine visibility saw huge gains in the first 3 months and our paid search Return on Ad Spend has steadily increased and stabilised around 1500%. We’re very confident that we’re working with the right long term eCommerce partner.”

Head of eCommerce, Mohd

“Working with Kanuka Digital to integrate Broadbean with our new WordPress website has played a huge role in the digital transformation of our business. We’ve saved valuable time and resources and seen a huge increase in online applicants.“ 

Nicole Baker
Director of Business Development and Marketing, Carlisle Support Services

“Kanuka Digital has had an amazing impact with our PPC Campaigns & overall revenue. Not only have they achieved our initial goal, but they’ve continuously exceeded it on a monthly basis. Exciting times ahead!

I would highly recommend the Kanuka Digital team, lovely bunch of people and they have all the answers you need!”

Marketing Manager

“Kanuka Digital have helped to develop and implement an excellent SEO strategy with professional guidance throughout the launch period of our new website. We have since been operating for over 6 months and our partnership has grown even stronger. We would highly recommend Kanuka as an effective online strategy partner who’s skill set can be used throughout many different avenues. We look forward to working with you in the months/years to come! Thanks for all your hard work Kanuka, it’s be a fantastic learning experience and your patience with us has been outstanding.”

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager, TW Wholesale

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We’re a straight-talking web development agency that excel in the design and development of eCommerce stores, learning solutions and lead generation websites.

  • 50+ team of designers, developers and creative strategists with a passion for all things digital
  • Proven experience growing eCommerce companies from startups through to FTSE 100s
  • Partnered with data-driven marketing specialists Proof3 and Adobe Commerce Gold Partners iWeb for a holistic approach to digital growth.
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