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With Google Analytics as we know it being retired in July 2023, NOW is the time to be on the front foot with your data and decision making. Let our Analytics & business data expert take the pain away with our managed Google Analytics 4 Data Evolution Programme.

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What we’ll do

✓ Audit current set-up inc key information and segmentation ready for your new platform

✓ Setup new GA4 profile & data streams alongside all of the findings from our audit

✓ Advanced eCommerce & goal tracking configuration

✓ Data validation 2-4 weeks post-implementation to ensure that tracking is working & any tweaks required to settings

✓ Decommission – when the time comes we’ll remove all of the integrated tracking and events from your old platform, export your data and provide it in a secure zip file

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What is Google Analytics 4?

Google announced in March 2022 that Universal Analytics, the standard tracking property for Google Analytics, will cease to process data on July 1, 2023, to make way for Google Analytics (GA4). GA4 is the next generation of Google Analytics, and it’s jam-packed with new features and capabilities.

What are the differences between Universal Analytics & GA4?

There are a few major differences between Universal Analytics and GA4. To determine user count, Google Analytics 4 employs the User ID technique and includes active users on the site who are currently engaged with the site. On the other hand, Universal Analytics uses the Client ID approach and focuses on the total number of users on the site.

Why you need to migrate to GA4 now

While it’s 15 months until Universal Analytics is killed off, it’s now or never to get GA4 set-up to ensure you have enough historical goal tracking and eCommerce data for comparison.

GA4 will provide a new approach to data collection that will use event-based data tracking rather than cookie-based monitoring, which will make tracking events, goals, and transactions much more accurate and traceable to their source if properly set up.

You’ll also be able to get more insights into user behaviour with the next generation in tracking algorithm and cross-device and application support. Supported by all browsers, Google Analytics 4 will have improved journey tracking whilst remaining a free tool.

Get ahead of the curve and make the migration with us now.

Google Analytics 4 set-up

If you don’t have any Google Analytics properties, you’ll need to register a new account and set up a new property in GA4.

If you already have a Universal Analytics property, you can use the GA4 Setup Assistant to add a GA4 property to your existing profile, which will gather data in tandem with your Universal Analytics.

If your website uses a plugin or extension that requires you to manually enter the “UA-” ID, you’ll need to add Google’s global site tag (gtag.js) to the head of each page, which you can normally do through your website builder’s custom HTML or page layout.

We can take care of this for you as part of our managed migration service.

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