LearnDash x WordPress Learning Management System

The ideal solution to incorporate an e-learning management system into your WordPress site.

LearnDash – the LMS WordPress plugin

Created by e-learning experts, LearnDash, their WordPress plugin is the online course platform with leading e-learning principles and an immersive learning experience. The solution is the best way to create an impressive online course without any restrictions. 

With the LearnDash plugin, you can integrate the platform seamlessly with your WordPress site. 

✓  Drag and Drop Course Builder for easy course creation
✓  Your own branded learning portal within your WordPress site
Dynamic Content offering linear and open progression 

Why LearnDash?

The easily integratable plugin for WordPress; LearnDash is the perfect LMS solution that incorporates well thought out features and documentation with a user friendly approach. 

The consistent updates and user functionality set it apart from any other e-learning options with companies able to have full creative control.

How to integrate with WordPress

For academies, the initial steps for integration with WordPress are pretty straightforward. LearnDash provides a tailored path that can be completed at the students’ own pace. The module-based courses provide valuable knowledge and practical skills, tailored to specific job roles and industries for clear and relevant information. 

You will need a developer to customise themes and build a more bespoke interface, which is where we come in.

We offer a full management service using the LearnDash WP plugin to get your WordPress site integrated with LearnDash and allow students to take courses and monitor their progress.

Customising the LearnDash WordPress Plugin

The plugin comes with many rich customisable features so we can develop it to suit your exact needs:

✓  Create additional layers of content such as micro courses
✓  Combine video and audio elements seamlessly to allow students to process information more easily
Customised reporting and permissions to allow companies full control 

After being successfully integrated, LearnDash will offer an immersive learning experience for students.

GS Yuasa Academy

For over 40 years, GS Yuasa has been one of the world’s largest global manufacturers and Europe’s leading supplier of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and power solutions. They’ve helped power numerous solutions including the habitable, artificial satellite; the International Space Station. 

They’d already chosen LearnDash as their e-learning solution and required a structured dashboard and functionalities to support the integration and take their courses and training to the next level. 

We designed and built a fully flexible site with a customised report system and bespoke functionality; permitting GS Yuasa to assign user access, send progress emails and allow users to apply for accreditation. To allow organisations to track progress of employees and maximise business potential, we also created an advanced team leader functionality that includes progress dashboards, team segmentation and downloadable reports. 

The learning portal allows users to easily navigate their way through the catalogue of courses whilst seamlessly tracking progress. Our responsive, mobile-first approach allowed us to focus on presenting an immersive experience to students in order to improve UX and pass rates.

LearnDash has increased both their number of registered students and been able to expand their course offerings.

1200+ registered students

20+ online courses

100+ learning modules

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