Enhancing the eCommerce presence of the UK’s leading supplier and installer of catering equipment to the hospitality & licence trade industry including a migration from Magento to WooCommerce.

40% improvement in average page speed

67% increase in conversion rate

34% increase in online revenue

The brief

Barcare were operating on Magento 1 but felt that Magento 2 wasn’t the right fit for their business.  They wanted an eCommerce platform that is easier to set-up, customise and manage at a lower total cost of ownership which would give them the foundations for long term, sustainable online growth. Enter WooCommerce.

The challenge

To successfully migrate their eCommerce platform while protecting SEO rankings and enhancing the B2B buying experience for their trade customers.

Our approach

We kicked off the project with a full discovery session to map out what product and customer data needed to be migrated as well as new, improved B2B buying features like lease applications, rentals and a separate spare parts purchasing journey.

Migration from Magento

We successfully migrated Barcare’s platform from Magento to WooCommerce using Cart2Cart, which allowed us to seamlessly transfer all of their products and spare parts without any loss of data, saving valuable time in populating catalog data.

Bespoke tailored design

We created a custom theme for Barcare that is tailored to their specific needs, improving the customer experience by making navigation easy and providing a modern and professional appearance. As well as highlighting key product benefits on product listing pages, the theme includes features such as equipment power type icons and brand logos — visual cues directing customers to the right product. The overall result is an aesthetically appealing design that showcases the company’s high-quality products and services.

WordPress block editor

We have developed advanced, standardised tooling for the block editor in WordPress. Our theme and block structure is built using ACF Blocks and CodyFrame, a powerful frontend toolkit that enables Barcare to easily create complex pages using simple building blocks. This approach results in clean, efficient code that loads quickly and provides a seamless user experience. With our tooling, there is no need for coding experience or bulky page builders.

Rental form

We developed a bespoke equipment rental form for Barcare, which allows customers to easily and accurately select the equipment they wish to rent, while also capturing relevant contact information. By simplifying the rental process, Barcare improves customer service and increases efficiency.

Lease applications

We developed a bespoke lease application payment gateway for Barcare, which is a hidden gateway that skips immediate payment and allows the team to follow up with the customer to process a lease application through their usual business processes. The gateway includes a separate “add to basket” button on the product page, and when a product is added via the lease application button, all other payment gateways are disabled and the lease application gateway is enabled. Barcare’s lease application payment gateway allows customers to easily apply for a lease on catering equipment, providing them with flexible and budget-friendly options. By spreading the cost of equipment over time, customers can better manage their cash flow, budget for the cost, and upgrade or replace equipment more frequently. Additionally, the gateway also allows customers to bundle in warranty for the length of the lease, providing peace of mind and ensuring that they have working equipment for the duration of the lease. This not only improves the customer experience but also expands Barcare’s customer base, increasing sales and revenue for the business.

Warranty/installation product add-ons

We implemented an add-ons system for WooCommerce that streamlines the shopping experience for customers. By offering warranty and installation options at the point of purchase, customers can easily add these additional services to their order. As customers make selections, the overall price updates in real time. The system also allows the Barcare team to easily manage their inventory, assign warranty and installation classes to products, and update add-on pricing across their entire catalog from a central location. This innovative approach has not only improved the customer experience, but it has also led to an increase in revenue for the business.


WooCommerce was a great choice for Barcare’s eCommerce website as it offers store owners flexibility and customisation options while providing customers with an exceptional user-experience. Our team, as a WooExpert Platinum member, built a bespoke theme and several custom components to cater to Barcare’s unique needs. This has resulted in an efficient website that not only meets the business’ requirements but also enhances the customer’s shopping experience. As a result, this has led to an increase in sales and revenue for Barcare.

Product comparison

A product comparison tool improves the customer’s decision-making process, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, by allowing them to shortlist, compare specifications, features, and prices easily.

Equipment leasing calculator

We integrated an equipment leasing calculator for Barcare, which allows customers to easily calculate the cost of leasing different catering equipment. The calculator is based on live rates from their finance provider, and can be launched as a popup. It’s also displayed on each product page, providing a monthly “from” price for each item.

Spare parts store

We streamlined the spare parts inventory for Barcare by migrating and consolidating their separate parts website into their new WooCommerce store. To make it easy for customers to find the right parts, we simplified navigation by enabling customers to drill down and locate their specific model. Additionally, we provided numbered technical diagrams to help customers identify and select the individual part they need from a list. Our custom-built product structure allows for multiple machines to be populated with a wide range of individual spare parts, reducing duplication and simplifying inventory management.

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