Mole Valley Feeds

Bespoke animal feed & nutrition specialists that focus on climate positive agriculture on farms across the UK.

The brief

Mole Valley Feed Solutions specialises in offering top-tier nutritional solutions and expertise in animal feed. Their brief was to create a clear and concise online catalogue highlighting their premium feed products, supplements, and nutritional guidance, aimed at enhancing the well-being and performance of livestock and pets.

Our approach

We began with our standard discovery phase, allowing us to learn more about Mole Valley Feed Solutions’ business intricacies. Based on a detailed brief we designed a clear and concise series of sections showcasing the variety of feed products, supplements, and nutritional solutions for different livestock and pets. 

We created educational resource pages covering nutritional advice, animal care tips, and farming expertise. Our WordPress site features intuitive navigation for quick access to specific products or information and the design for the front end is optimised for seamless usability across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Design system

Using our WordPress block format design system this allowed us to offer Mole Valley numerous template options for future page building and intern streamlines the site’s content creation. This approach ensures consistent design across the site, a vital factor in cultivating brand trust among new and loyal customers.

Farm focus

Farm Focus is a recent addition to the site that introduces successful farms that have benefited from Mole Valley Feed Solutions’ products. This section effectively showcases the quality of their offerings. Short videos introduce each farm along with a collection of articles that contribute significantly to building a trusted brand image.

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