Email Marketing

We create highly targeted email marketing campaigns for eCommerce businesses that build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Email marketing provides the perfect opportunity to start personal conversations and create meaningful relationships with your current and potential customers.

The reality of website traffic, even highly targeted traffic, is most new visitors to your store will never return — unless you do something to keep them coming back.

Building a subscriber list and sending compelling emails gives you a way to retain the traffic you worked so hard to earn by providing subscribers with an incentive to stay in touch.

If your eCommerce business hasn’t taken the time to adopt email marketing, or if you’re still doing ‘batch and blast’ newsletters, you’re leaving easy money on the table.

Why Email Marketing for eCommerce matters

  • → Able to drive the first sale as well as unlock more revenue from your most valuable customers
  • → Provide a constant flow of communications to keep building brand awareness and loyalty
  • → Consistently one of the highest converting acquisition channels
  • → Email can have direct positive impact on total number of customers, frequency of purchase & value of purchase
  • → Email typically returns £40 for every £1 invested
  • → Personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates

Data driven strategy

Good data underpins every successful email strategy. We will start by looking at your subscriber data and how you collect that data to fill your email marketing subscription lists. We’ll also run some checks to make sure you’re fully GDPR compliant. Here are some important questions we ask:

Are you getting enough information without bombarding the user with unnecessary questions? Are you using other methods to collect data?
Are these methods providing you with relevant and useful contacts who will be interested in what you have to offer?

We can then start to segment customers into easy-to-target personas; from your best customers to those who have stopped purchasing, to make sure that each campaign we plan reaches the right person, with the right content at the right time. This way you can withstand the big recent changes to data privacy, both now and into the future.

Email Marketing audit

Want a fresh pair of eyes to give your email marketing a once over? In our email marketing audit, we take a deep dive into your subscriber list, design, segmentation and automation to find opportunities to drive a better return on investment from your email activity.

Design and distribution

We design, build and distribute emails that convert all year round.

This includes always on automated eCommerce campaigns like abandoned basket and product replenishment reminders, as well as one-off seasonal campaigns, special offers, new product announcements and personalised emails.

Our bespoke template designs, based on many years of experience and understanding of what works, and campaign management can steer you towards better open rates, more click-throughs, and a greater return on your investment.

Reporting and analysis

We analyse all email campaign metrics to continuously understand and improve each campaign; ensuring maximum click-throughs and conversions. We constantly monitor what works well and what doesn’t, changing tact when appropriate and testing various methods to find the most productive for your business.

We’ll use industry benchmarks to review the success of campaigns compared to similar businesses, to highlight areas to tweak or maintain. Ultimately, we measure success in the same way that you do; by conversions and revenue.

Email Marketing platforms we work with


As a Klaviyo Master Silver Partner we help eCommerce businesses to generate more revenue and engagement through email.
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As a Certified Partner we use the Dotdigital platform to create targeted email & SMS marketing campaigns for merchants that increases customer loyalty, lifetime value and revenue.
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Our Email Marketing services summarised

  • → Email marketing account audits
  • → Help choosing the right email provider
  • → Integrations between email & eCommerce platforms
  • → Template design & copywriting
  • → Email strategy
  • → eCommerce automation & segmentation
  • → Campaign management
  • → Reporting & insights

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  • Proven experience growing eCommerce companies from startups through to FTSE 100s
  • Partnered with data-driven marketing specialists Proof3 and Adobe Commerce Gold Partners iWeb for a holistic approach to digital growth.
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