Email Marketing

A hugely effective, low cost tool to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Done right, email is the king of the marketing kingdom, typically returning £40 for every £1 spent.

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The days of batch and blast emails are over but make no mistake, email marketing is alive and kicking with more sophisticated and powerful tools available than ever before.

An essential channel in any digital marketing mix, email marketing is not only fast, cheap and highly profitable, it provides the perfect opportunity to start a dialogue and create a meaningful, personalised relationship with your customers.

The reasons to do so are compelling: personal, timely and engaging email marketing campaigns have been shown to vastly improve conversion rates and bolster significant good-feeling towards a brand.

75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns.”

Direct Marketing Association

Even a simple welcome email can increase revenue by 320% when executed well.

Email also encourages subscribers to revisit your website and gain insights from your content regularly.


Personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.


Our approach to email

Data, there’s no getting away from it. Good data underpins every successful email strategy. It’s all about making sure each campaign reaches the right person, with the right content at the right time of day.

It’s crucial that your data is reliable, to start with that means organic (not paid for), opted-in subscribers.

Worried that your subscriber list is too small or isn’t GDPR friendly? We all have to start somewhere. Our team are experts at lead generation, meaning that we can help you to build a database of contacts that will keep you GDPR compliant and engage positively with your email campaigns.

By using split testing and analysing customer behaviour, we can steer you towards better open rates, more click-throughs, and a far greater return on your investment.

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74% increase in organic conversion rate

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