Boosting Bookings With CRO and UX Testing

Boosting Bookings With CRO and UX Testing

Clink Hostels provide a unique and affordable accommodation offering for backpackers and budget-conscious city explorers. With three hostels across London and Amsterdam plus plans in the pipeline to open hostels in Dublin and Lisbon, Clink needed a scalable web solution to help them expand their business.

We started with a full website audit before moving on to a redesign of their key landing pages and creation of a new booking system with a mobile-first and fully responsive approach, also catering for multiple languages. The redesign of the site resulted in a 21% increase in website sessions year on year.

To build on the success of their newly designed site and increased traffic, we produced an on-site content marketing strategy. This was built to assist the creation of high-quality and relevant blog content for their London & Amsterdam city guides.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Brief

To capitalise on their increase in traffic, Clink wanted to use Conversion Rate Optimisation to create a better user experience for their potential customers, in order to boost their bookings and, in turn, revenue.

The aim of the project was to analyse and improve their user journey by eliminating pain points, removing roadblocks in the on-site experience and streamline the entire booking process.

Mobile and Desktop Version of Clink Hostels | Conversion Rate Optimisation | Kanuka Digital

We were tasked with a series of key business objectives in order to help this, including:

  • Provide maximum information for quick decision making
  • Generate fewer calls to the call centre
  • Encourage customers to book direct
  • Show the products in a true light

By providing solutions to these business objectives, this has benefits for Clink’s website user journey such as:

  • Finding the city they are interested in booking accommodation for quickly
  • Showing their hostels are in a good location
  • Demonstrating the hostels are great value for money

Our Approach

Using a leading conversion rate optimisation software, we were able to analyse and better understand Clink’s website user journey.

We were able to identify areas of frustration for users by analysing a series of video recordings, heatmaps and conversion funnels. This allowed our efforts to be focused on improving these specific elements or certain areas of the site.

Booking on multiple devices | Conversion Rate Optimisation | Kanuka Digital

To get a full picture, we analysed data from a variety of traffic sources (organic, paid, referral, email, social, direct) from mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

The Findings

After we had gathered enough information about their website user journey, we found a few common themes, including:

  • A high volume of people were checking availability without selecting a date
  • There were a number of dead clicks on the room gallery, hostel photo and on the hostel address areas
  • Landing pages referred to from affiliate sources converted lower
  • Older versions of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, proved to be significantly underperforming

The Fixes

From our testing, we found that users weren’t necessarily trying to check availability, but to find price information quickly. This is why no dates were being entered and when they were, the rooms were usually unavailable.

To counter this, we set a default date a few weeks in advance for 2 nights, tweaked the layout of the form and changed the CTA button to allow for more prospective visits.

Room pages were redesigned to make images appear much larger, reducing the need for dead clicks. It also meant users were pushed further towards a booking by giving a better idea of the rooms they can expect.

Booking widgets were made more prominent across the entire website, with sticky bars and flyout calls to action. That way, users could book directly from any page, rather than navigating to the individual hostel page.

To help counter the issue of conversion rates on Internet Explorer we conducted a thorough cross-browser testing exercise. This was done on numerous browser versions and devices. We then carried out fixes for the layout and performance going right back to IE11.1.

Web Development Fixes for Clink Hostels | Conversion Rate Optimisation | Kanuka Digital

The Results

The changes we made to Clink’s site, resulted in an increase in bookings, a boost in average order value of bookings made, fewer dead and rage clicks, and users spending more time on site.

Stats to show how Conversion Rate Optimisation helped Clink Hostels | Kanuka Digital

Revenue saw an increase of 30% year on year. Average Order Value was increased by an impressive 40% year on year. This was as a result of users being able to find what they’re looking for with ease.


Conversion rate optimisation can help generate more revenue and leads without the need to entirely rebuild your site. It allows you to focus on optimising and improving the elements of your site that users have trouble with using, without redesigning everything.

If you’d like to find out more about CRO and using specialist software to improve your site performance, get in touch with our team of experts today!


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