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Boost your eCommerce conversion rates and turn more clicks into customers.

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If you’ve invested good time and money into getting more people to your eCommerce store, whether through SEO, Paid Search or Social, it’s just as important to focus on converting that traffic into paying customers. Converting your current audience into more frequent and higher value buyers is ultimately a lower cost proposition than acquiring new audiences.

At every step of your customers’ purchasing journeys, there are new opportunities for you to make their paths shorter, easier, and more enjoyable. Through rigorous experimentation and analysis, you can fine-tune your website to push people closer to making a purchase.

Our tried-and-tested conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services;

→ boost average order values
→ reduce abandoned baskets
→ increase total transactions

The benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Understand your customers better

Before you can start optimising your website, you’ll need to have an in-depth understanding of your customers. The aim is to know who they are, how they interact with your store and where the bottlenecks in the customer journey are that might prevent them from converting.

Data should underpin your CRO strategy, as it will allow you to create conversion-friendly segmentations based on your customer and potential customers’ actions, lifecycle stage and purchases. The more you understand your customers, the more you can tailor the customer experience and lead shoppers towards making those all important purchases.

Get more customers and lower your cost per acquisition

The goal of conversion rate optimisation is to help visitors to your store find what they’re looking for and speed up the buying process. The better the customer experience, the more customers you’ll get from the same amount of traffic, which means more efficient marketing and a lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

Increase your customer lifetime value

We can start to segment your loyal customers and shower them with affection in the form of ‘welcome back’ popups, personalised product recommendations in their most purchased product categories, and replenishment emails reminding them to repurchase. Optimising your customer journey will turn one-off purchasers into loyal customers by anticipating what they want and making them feel more valued.

Better total ROI

Conversion Rate Optimisation has a positive impact on all your acquisition channels. So whether you’re investing heavily in SEO, Google Ads or your email marketing, CRO means you get more value out of all the website visitors you’ve worked so hard to acquire. The higher conversion rates we deliver results in more conversions – sales, subscribers, leads. Which ultimately means more revenue.

Our approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using your website analytics and conversion optimisation tools like heat mapping and user journey recordings, we can get a much better understanding of how users are interacting with your website.

Then, using split testing and content experiments, we can try out different landing page messages and calls to action. The resulting data informs small changes and tweaks that can lead to big longer-term gains.

Why should I invest in Conversion Rate Optimisation?

  • It’s more cost efficient than spending more on your advertising budget and will most likely lower your cost-per-acquisition.
  • Target more of the right type of customer and avoid catering to the wrong audience.
  • You will gather information and data that can inform your wider marketing strategy
  • The best converting websites evolve in line with audiences behaviour and expectations.
  • You are making life easier for your users. They’ll reward you for it.

Our CRO services summarised

Heuristic Analysis

→ Session recording
→ Heatmaps & scrollmaps

User testing

→ Test website UX with real users
→ UX analysis

Technical Analysis

→ Google Analytics health check
→ Cross-Device-Browser Testing
→ Speed Analysis

Marketing channels analysis

→ Performance analysis
→ Sales funnel analysis

Customers survey

→ Ask your audience what they think about your website
→ User personas portrait

Action report

→ Hypotheses report


See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers. An intuitive, visual way to understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel.

Google Optimize

Whether it’s a custom-tailored message at checkout or a completely revamped homepage, find out which site experiences engage and delight your customers. Google Optimize gives you the solutions that you need to deliver them.


Because getting traffic to your website isn’t enough. Turn lurkers into subscribers and customers using website popups, sticky bars, slide-ins, and fullscreen overlays.

eCommerce platforms we work with

Our team has experience working with many of the industry leading eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. This means we understand the capabilities of each platform and we can help you unlock the full potential of these platforms and their features.

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Why work with Kanuka Digital?

By investing in Conversion Rate Optimisation services with Kanuka Digital, you benefit from:

→ Direct access to experienced eCommerce CRO specialist
→ Access to best-in-class CRO tools
→ Regular data analysis and shared insight on opportunities to grow your business online

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