We Attended State of Digital Conference 2018

Wow, what a day we had at the first ever State of Digital 2018 conference. After a smooth journey from Stafford to London, we ventured onto the underground to Waterloo and trekked to the County Hall next to the famous London Eye.

State of Digital Conference 2018 | Kanuka Digital

We were greeted by friendly faces at the registration desk to provide us with our name lanyards followed by a merchandise free for all. I was particularly happy with the free socks.

state of digital 2018 signage - Kanuka Digital

Before the start of the State of Digital 2018 talks, attendees and speakers gathered in the canteen area to munch on bagels and sup on coffee.

The day held many talks along two tracks, which was pretty useful, giving you the choice of which talk you would like to engage in. Below are some of our highlights from the day.

Lessons From A Decade In The Industry

Kicking off the State of Digital 2018, Bas van den Beld, the Founder of State of Digital, providing us with a top 10 of lessons that he had learnt over the last ten years.

Easing into the day with Bas van den Beld, State of Digital founder.

A few, in particular, stood out for me:

Lisa Myers, CEO & Founder Verve Search gave us an insightful talk on the importance of gaining backlinks from authoritative websites.

Hammering home that a small number of backlinks from websites with authority are better than hundreds of backlinks from hundreds of low authority websites.

Lisa Myers Verve Search - Kanuka Digital
Lisa Myers, Verve Search talking links.

Lisa’s talk including some figures for thought:

She also explained how her company, Verve Search, have built the tool, LinkScore, now available for use by the public.

LinkScore is their take on creating a link score based on off-site and on-site metrics to measure the link value.

Digital Marketing In A Post-Digital World

Jono Alderson, Special Ops at Yoast provided us with a fast-paced talk mainly around how brands and platforms, trends in paid advertising and a glimpse into voice search. Three points I took are:

  1. A platform such as Facebook can offer new and exciting experiences all the time whereas a brand’s site, while possibly provides a good user experience, doesn’t tend to have the kind of investment as a behemoth platform like Facebook does.
  2. Another point that Jono put across was how we are spending more on paid online advertising to gain peoples attention more now than ever before.
  3. The search landscape is changing all the time. Now with the rise of voice search no longer tied to mobile devices but now in our homes too. Google Home and Amazon Alexa, amongst numerous others, are just the beginning. We need to think about how, as marketers, we can make sure that we can own that type of search result real estate by adapting our content marketing strategy.

How To Go Big With Small Clients

Alex Jones, Head of Earned Media at Hallam gave a great talk on outreach and content creation.

Alex Jones, Hallam giving an insightful talk at State of Digital 2018.

Here’s some of the useful tips we took away from Alex:

Scaling SEO Services

Hannah Thorpe, Head of SEO Strategy of Found Group Ltd shared some great tips on how to be more efficient and get things done much quicker:


These are just some points taken from a handful of talks that took place at State of Digital 2018. The day provided many valuable nuggets of information that we could take back to the office and share with the team. If State of Digital can continue with the informative almost lecture-style conference next year then hopefully it will only grow year on year.

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