How does Amazon SEO work?

When we talk about SEO we often assume that it applies just to Google. However, taking steps to implement Amazon SEO techniques can help merchants stand out above their competition in a fiercely competitive market.

How does Amazon SEO work?

It’s no secret that Amazon’s business model has completely overhauled the face of e-commerce thanks to its focus on customer service, easy to use interface and constantly improving delivery speeds.

Arguably, Amazon’s service level agreement to its customers has almost become the standard for all e-commerce websites. As a result, smaller competitors have a hugely difficult task in trying to compete.

So much so, that Amazon is likely to be the first place that customers will turn to when looking to make a purchase, even over Google.

Given the clout that Amazon has over the consumer market, it’s essential that merchants and retailers make their offers stand out to beat the competition.

To make your products easily discoverable in Amazon’s search you firstly need to understand how Amazon SEO works. Additionally, you also need to ensure that you’re using the correct search terms and keywords within your product page.

Keywords are the key and the secret of Amazon SEO

Given the intensity of competition on the platform, you need to focus on which keywords you should use. Use terminology that will gain you visibility, rather than being lost in the thousands of product listings.

It is far more difficult to try to rank for broad keywords than more focussed keywords or phrases. For example, the search term ‘t-shirt’ will be more competitive than ranking for the term ‘men’s short sleeve running t-shirt’.

You can use tools, such as JungleScout, to get an idea of which keywords are likely to generate searches and engagement.

If you wanted to take a low-budget approach to Amazon SEO simply look at your competitor pages for common search terms. You can use Amazon’s search functionality to gather a list of suggested and commonly used terms.

Getting the basics of Amazon SEO right

Once you’ve established your most valuable keywords you need to be optimise your product listing. There are three main areas that will make the most difference in terms of your Amazon SEO including the following:


Provide a clear indication of what your product is, but ensure to keep your most valuable keywords towards the front of the title.

Key features

The featured bullet points on the listing allows you to not only show off the main features of your product, but gives you an opportunity to add further keywords that are still important but might not be as much of a priority.

Product description

The product description allows you to build even further on the key features bullet points. This is where you can add long tail keywords and variations to capture that all important search activity.

Providing a better customer experience

Whilst many of the optimisations to make to your listing page seem to be geared towards Amazon’s search algorithm, it all boils down to making it easier for your potential customers to find your product in Amazon’s search. Once this has been achieved, it’s crucial that you help your customer make a purchase with ease.


Provide clear images of your product that shows either functionality, features or dimensions.

Answer common queries

As well as addressing community questions, you should be providing answers to frequently asked questions to reduce the risk of barriers to purchase.

Data, data, data

Your product listing section within Seller Central is extremely comprehensive. Ensure all data fields have been filled out with all the critical information, optimised keywords and categorisation where relevant.

By taking care of the basics of Amazon SEO, you can increase your search visibility. In turn, this increases your chance of purchase and conversion rate.

If you can keep providing good service to your customers as your purchases increase, so will your seller rating and your number of reviews. Furthermore, you’ll reap the reward of more visibility and sales in the long run.

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