Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue Using These 6 Email Automation Flows

Increasing your e-commerce revenue can involve a lot of hard work and as a business owner, staying connected to your customers is a good place to start. 

Email automation helps you reach the right customers at exactly the right time, while creating new opportunities that newsletters and manual email marketing generally lacks.

Today, we’re taking a look at 6 Email automation flows you should consider using to help increase revenue for your e-commerce.

What exactly is email automation?

Email automation allows marketers to schedule targeted campaigns or send them when a particular individual performs a specific action on a website. 

While one-off campaigns and newsletters still have a place in the world of marketing. For growth in revenue, businesses should focus their time and attention on setting up automatic email campaigns using trigger based actions from the customer.

So, what are the benefits?

Email Automation allows you to personalise your customers experience. These could include targeting their specific interests, buying behaviours or preferences. 

Not only does automation save you time, it also helps make your marketing strategy scalable. Customers automatically integrate into your system once they’ve performed any actions you are tracking. This trigger could be a specific event, activity or date – a handy tool for improving email efficiency and encouraging potential sales.

Which email automation software should you choose?

There’s no doubt that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to email software options. So, to help get you started we’ve narrowed it down to three we think, can help grow your business right away:


With Klaviyo, all the tools you need for successful marketing are all there in one platform. Offering segmentation, customisation, and automation of your emails alongside ready-to-use email templates for easy building. 

Klaviyo also provides detailed reporting on the customer journey aimed towards running your tailored campaigns more effectively. 


Much like Klaviyo, the dotdigital platform is an omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers. 

Allowing you to import data, build segments and create those important triggers based around your customers. 


Targeted towards helping small businesses build, manage and monitor any email marketing. In MailChimp, businesses can build personalise email campaigns, landing pages and build a strong database of customers. While also keeping track of any campaign performance through its analytical reporting.

Email automation workflows worth creating

There are many workflow email campaigns that can help trying to boost your sales easier. Here are six that are worth creating to increase customer loyalty: 

Welcome/Subscribe email 

When it comes to emails, a welcome series is pretty standard for all businesses. 

Building a strong email list is often possible through offering some kind of incentive for users to subscribe. In some cases, your visitors won’t always be ready to place an order. So sending a warm welcome email can help turn new leads into customers. 

Once they’ve subscribed, you can use this opportunity to offer a subscriber-only offer. This might encourage them to make a purchase sooner.

Order Confirmation and Shipping Notifications Email

Ever ordered something online only to not receive any emails from the supplier? 

It’s obvious no user will purchase without an element of trust. This means sending order confirmation and shipping details to customers is an essential part of building a successful trustworthy e-commerce business.

Post-Purchase Follow Up

This email should ideally be sent around two days after they have received your product.

Treat this as a way of checking that the delivery was a success and they’re happy with what they’ve received. 

You could also consider using this follow up as an opportunity to gather reviews. This can be valuable marketing material for promoting customer satisfaction on your website or through social media.

Abandon Cart Email for winning back sales

According to dynamic yield

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around a staggering 69% – that’s more than ⅔ of shoppers still leaving your site. 

This is where an abandoned cart email works a treat! These can be a sequence of well-timed automated emails that continue after the initial reminder – giving you a chance to recover lost sales.

Initially, try sending out 3 emails over a period of 72 hours. Over time, you’ll be able to analyse your data and determine whether you need to make any adjustments to fit the needs of your customer’s behaviour. 

Here’s an example of an abandoned cart flow template using the Email automation platform Klaviyo:

Re-engagement Emails

When done well, re-engagement emails can play a vital role in winning back those once-loyal customers. 

Grabbing the attention of your sleeping subscribers can be done using a sequence based on time triggers. Simple emails offering the latest recommendations or new products can be enough for them to re-engage.

The Promotional Email 

Did you know: over 50% of online shoppers say that they purchase from marketing emails at least once a month? 

With that in mind, it’s hard to ignore the potential that promotional emails could bring to your business. Including product recommendations could also go a long way in securing a sale. 

You could choose to personalise these recommendations or promotions based on each recipient’s previous buying behaviours. 

Take a look here at how we helped our client Tile Giant increase their revenue by creating a workflow just like this.

Start increasing your eCommerce revenue today!

Email automation might seem like a lot of work to begin with. But, with the right automation tools in place, you can set up your campaigns in no time and reap the benefits almost instantly. 

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