Dotties Award Winner 2020: dotdigital ‘Most Impressive eCommerce Campaign’

What a fabulous evening we had on Wednesday celebrating some great work across the whole of the eCommerce industry at the annual Dotdigital Dotties Awards. In what has been a challenging year for everyone, it was great to hear about the superb marketing efforts that have been taking place across various industries.

We are so happy to announce that we were voted the winner in our category of ‘Most Impressive eCommerce Campaign’ for our work with Tile Giant.

Here’s the complimentary feedback we received from the Dotties judges about our eCommerce campaign:

“Wonderful to see the leap of faith into automation has paid off! Especially for an industry that hasn’t understood its value in far too long! Nice work!”

“Great to see the power of automation when messaging and promotions are tested. Great work.”

For a bit of context, we should probably give you some insight into the campaign and the work that won us Dotdigitals Dotties Award…

Tile Giant

With over 90 stores nationwide, Tile Giant is a leading provider of tiles to both trade and consumer markets. Over the last few years, Tile Giant have been busy with various upheavals including an office and warehouse relocation, as well as a migration to a new Magento 2 website.

We’ve helped to overhaul their digital presence through on-site content, SEO and by building their email marketing strategy from the ground up using dotdigital to complement their strong omnichannel presence.

The B2C Campaign

Using the Dotdigital platform, we began by creating 3 workflows. Their purpose was to engage customers, drive traffic back to the website from emails, and generate more conversions using custom designs based on their website’s look and feel.

Email Workflow 1

We implemented a three-step abandoned basket campaign; following up with customers who had either made a purchase or abandoned their basket. Experimenting with discount codes and incentives, we used insights to find the sweet spots, which best drew customers back to the site.

Email Workflow 2

We also wanted to follow up with customers who had purchased a free sample tile. In the past, follow ups with this group of customers had not taken place. Tile Giant relied on the customer to return to the website and complete their purchase.

We segmented customers who had placed an order containing a sample tile – identified through SKU. Allowing a few days for the customer to receive their sample, we followed up with our emails. If they made a purchase during the follow up workflow, we removed them from the next follow up email. This would avoid irrelevant communication or annoyance. Again, we experimented with discount codes to entice customers to make a purchase or try a different sample tile.

Email Workflow 3

The third workflow was a simple welcome and double opt in campaign. Instead of just a plain old subscription confirmation, we supplemented this message with latest trends, offers and store news in subsequent messages.

Campaign Results

Dotdigital Dotties award

The B2B Campaign

Tile Giant had a database of over 35,000 professional tradesmen contacts in their Trade Rewards scheme. Contacts included trades such as tilers, plumbers and decorators.

As the first COVID-19 lockdown was coming to an end, we started to create useful on-site content for tradesmen. The content aimed to help them start working again safely, and communicate changes that they could expect to see in stores.

The majority of the 35,000 contacts had been collated over a number of years. Therefore, creating a database of compliant subscribers who were still active was crucial.

We set out to engage traders with an SMS and email workflow. These included information on Tile Giant’s new partnership with Checkatrade and the new safety guidelines in store. We also directed them to the content we had created on-site, covering Government guidelines for returning to work safely and how to market their business.

Campaign Results

Read more about our work with Tile Giant

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