Sarah Powell

How Google Search Works

Reading Time - 9 minutes

An integral part of our lives, something we use every…

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Why Are Social Media Marketing Campaigns Beneficial?

Reading Time - 7 minutes

Social media marketing has quickly become a pillar in marketing…

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Instagram Reels: Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Latest Feature

Reading Time - 5 minutes

Last week, Instagram released its latest feature: Instagram Reels. A…

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10 On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know

Reading Time - 8 minutes

What Is On-Page SEO? A page’s ability to rank organically…

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Bacofoil: Our Latest Site Launch!

Reading Time - 4 minutes

Optimised site redesign and restructure, improvement in site functionality and…

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A to Z Guide to Digital Marketing

An A to Z Guide To Digital Marketing

Reading Time - 15 minutes

Digital marketing can sometimes be cluttered with jargon and abbreviations…

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